Gift Tip: Digital Radio for under $100!?

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Digital Radio was introduced in July this year, and while the receivers may still be expensive, some are getting cheaper. Take the Pure One Mini Digital Radio being sold for $20 cheaper over at Dick Smith Electronics. Granted, why do we need this if its still not mainstream? Well, the advantages include better sound, more stations and better quality for those AM stations that keep getting interference.


Now, I did say that there will be an under $100 digital radio, and you were right. Dick Smith is selling the KAISER BASS DAB+ Radio (Pictured Right) for $79.98. Though it may not be a good looking device (granted, most are not), it can pick up FM and DAB+, while also having an LCD display so text broadcasted with the signal can be viewed. However, it still doesn’t pack the other promises that Digital Radio was supposed to have – like play and pause and images being broadcast also – but it’s a great starter to Digital Radio.

Here’s another deal as well: Toys R Us is selling several PS3 titles for $79.99 each. The image does show Assassin’s Creed II, CoD: Modern Warfare 2, FIFA 10 and Tekken 6 as games applicable with this offer; so go get it before it’s too late.