Toshiba brings out 64GB NAND flash memory – does this mean a 64GB iPhone?

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Toshiba has announced a 64GB embedded NAND flash memory module, the highest capacity yet, and will start mass production in the first quarter of 2010. If you don’t know what NAND flash memory is, it’s just like a hard drive but in a super small size and are used in many digital consumer products – including phones and netbooks.

But another product is the iPhone and iPod touch. Since Toshiba supplies these to Apple, get ready to see a 64GB model of the iPhone, or even a 64GB iPod touch replacing the 32GB version and with the possibility of a 128GB model. This is because (according to Wired), unlike the iPhone, the iPod touch can hold two of these NAND flash memory chips.

But, don’t get your hopes up just yet – it’s not a rumour, it’s just analysis.