Apple files countersuit against Nokia – claims that its violating iPhone patents

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Remember in October when Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple for patent violations that relate to wireless handsets? Well, we are never going to hear the end of this since Apple has filed a countersuit against Nokia for basically the same thing, but this relates to a range of patents that include scaling and rotation on a touchscreen. Apple is also asking for monetary damages and legal fees.

According to Reuters, Nokia starting to focus on its patent portfolio after it lost a lawsuit to Motorola in 1989 for breaching its patents, with the Finnish phone maker – which was a newcomer to the market at that time – paying $10 million to settle.

As well, it is said that virtually all of the mobile manufacturers, with the exception of Apple, that have signed license arrangements with Nokia.

In the lawsuit filing, Apple also claimed that Nokia wanted unreasonable licensing terms for their patents, including a cross-license for Apple’s patents on various patents relating to the iPhone – something that Apple was not going to give; though, Engadget also points out that Nokia asks the court to make Apple pay the due license fees on its patents.

Full document is below.

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