Gang-based MMO banned by Classification Board

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The Classification Board has added another game to the refused classification list, effectively banning the sale of the game; as the R18+ debate still continues. The game in question, CrimeCraft, is a third-person shooter that allows the player to challenge and beating rival gangs in a lawless city. However, while the Classification Board has said that that violence is okay, it was banned because “there is insufficient delineation between the ‘fictional drugs’ available in game and real-world proscribed drugs,” according to its report seen by GameSpot UK.

“In addition, the names of boosts mimic the chemicals and colloquial names of proscribed drugs. Examples include K-Dust, Birth, Chimera, Majoun, Betadyne ResistX and Zymek Stim-Ex, as well as the anabolics Raze and Frenzy.”

Fallout 3 was also banned from Australia because of that very same reason, before reclassifying it as a MA15+ game after the makers changed several elements of the game to suit the strict classifications of gaming.