Mininova shuts tracker, goes legit with content delivery

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Mininova has announced that it will remove all copyright infringing material and use its site to deliver those under its Content Distribution Network, effective immediately, it said in a blog posting.

Mininova was planning to install a filter under compliance with a  ruling by the Court of Utrecht that decided in favour with BRIEN, the industry group representing the recording and movie industries in the Netherlands before scrapping the idea as it found that it was impossible to filter 100% of all copyrighted material, and remove all material and allowing those on its Content Distribution Network to be listed.

“We would like to thank you for your support. Especially everyone that contributed to Mininova receives a big “thank you!” for the effort!” the administrators wrote in a blog posting.

The news also shuts down the largest tracker after The Pirate Bay, which also announced that it will switch off its own tracker in favour of DHT.