Big 43-inch curved monitor is going to leave a huge hole in your bank account

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Turns out, that monitor above has a 43-inch LED screen – and no, this isn’t a Photoshop job. Called the CRVD Curved Display, it has an aspect ratio of 32:10 and has a native resolution of 2880 x 900, and its dimensions are only 530 x 1055 x 386 mm (LxWxD). The biggest selling point is that the monitor is curved, which I don’t know why, but it sounds like it helps to see the entire screen. You can use a DVI or HDMI port to connect your computer or gaming device to it, and also features 4 USB 2.0 ports.

Apparently, this has been on sale since August, but no one knew until, well, today. The price tag? This is going to set you back US$6499 – meaning that this will stay in your dreams, unless you are rich (if so, can you give us one?).

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