MacHeist nanoBundle – 6 free apps

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Thats right – there is a MacHeist going on. There are currently six apps for Mac OS X going for free, with complete serials. The total combined value is $150 USD. This is a completely legitimate sites and provides the following apps:

ShoveBox – sells for $24.95 USD. Simple application that lets you organise, save and sync tidbits and jots of info.

WriteRoom – sells for $24.95 USD. Distraction free, full screen ASCII (+more) app that brings back the old DOS screen with style.

Twitterific – sells for $14.95 USD. Clean and exquisite interface that allows you to view your Twitter feed and tweet anything.

TinyGrab – sells for $14 USD. Screenshots are uploaded to an online workspace where you can manage and share with friends.

Hordes of Orcs – sells for $24.95. Interesting game where you must prevent orcs from invading a village by building attack towers.

Mariner Write – sells for $49.95. A Mac word processor that makes receiving dodgy Word docs from PCs a breeze to open on a Mac and extremely easy to use.

So jump on over to MacHeist to grab a bargain that’ll be gone in a week!