Murdoch might delay newspaper paywall

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News Corporation’s chief executive Rupert Murdoch has said that it might miss the target of next June to introduce “pay walls” on its newspaper content around the world, which includes The Australian in Australia, the New York Post in America, and the Sun and the Times in the United Kingdom.

Despite posting an 11 percent rise in profits, mainly thanks to its film studio Twentieth Century Fox and its box office takings for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, it still plans to go ahead with the pay wall idea, inspired by The Wall Street Journal, but could happen sometime after, according to MediaGuardian.

The plan, which has split the industry over whether to offer it on their websites, is an attempt to monetise its content other than advertising. While the Guardian has said that it intends to be free; the New York Times is planning to launch similar moves in order to keep financially stable. In Australia, Fairfax Media has also announced plans to launch a similar service.

One big problem: most of the content will remain free on other sources, like the BBC, NPR and the ABC in Australia; along with blogs and ways to distribute the news content via creative methods. So, good luck in trying to push us in this stupid idea of a pay wall.