MSN no longer blue, adds Twitter and Facebook

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Microsoft has revealed its updated design and logo to its homepage, hoping to stay relevant in a battle between Yahoo and AOL. The site, though not receiving the same amount of attention than Bing or its Windows Live services, still remains a significant source of traffic for both sites and a crucial part of Microsoft’s online division.

The redesign, that has been in the works for months, will see less focus on several of its lesser services but more on News, Sport, Shopping, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Money – along with local content from NBC News (via MSNBC), and integration with Facebook and Twitter to update your status on the page.

It will offer inline video streaming, using Silverlight and from a massive catalogue of sources including Hulu, FOX Entertainment Group and National Geographic.

“More than half of people online start their sessions on sites like MSN and they told us they want simplicity — yet still want the latest information and their favorite services delivered together,” Senior Director of MSN, Lisa Gurry, said. “With our large audience and sophisticated technology, we were able to gather a tremendous amount of customer feedback to ensure we delivered the online experience customers are really craving.”

While the design isn’t being rolled out just yet, you can have a look at the new version at and play around with the design. Full image of the new homepage can be found below.