Time for a Brutal History Lesson

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Brutal Legend has just recently come out a week ago and before i review it, I’d like you to listen and learn about the culture of Metal.

Heavy Metal as we know it started in the summer of 69’, referencing to the song of the same name. The most legendary of guitarists was famous that decade, playing at Woodstock and being recognized worldwide. His name was Jimi Hendrix. Also this decade we saw the startings of Thin Lizzy and UFO, who are some earl Heavy Metal bands. Later on came the 80’s, which most Head-bangers would define as “the greatest music decade of all time”. Hundreds of bands that started in the 80’s would become synonymous with Metal fans. Bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath would become international cult bands that are still widely recognised as some of the greatest Metal bands ever.


This is a list of several songs which you should listen to by them to fine tune your Heavy Metal, and as you can probably tell I am a die-hard:


Enter Sandman

Trapped Under Ice


The Unforgiven I

Nothing Else Matters

Iron Maiden:

Run to the Hills

Number of the Beast

Aces High

The Trooper

Fear of the Dark

Judas Priest:

Breaking the Law

The Hellion/Electric Eye

Black Sabbath:

Iron Man

Black Sabbath

Children of the grave


Next we come to as many Metal enthusiasts would call, the MTV years or what I call the decade that killed mainstream Metal. MTV, although having started in 1982, had just started to play new and upcoming artists and were introducing the generations then to new genres of music such as Pop, RNB and Rap. This continued until all Mainstream Metal was never played again. Many Music Television shows around the world have copied MTV’s success and Metal as we know it has died. That does not mean though that there were still bands that were still playing, many 70’s and 80’s bands were still recording new albums and new bands were still coming in but the cultural shock that there music wouldn’t be able to be played and get towards the younger generation would reduce sales and make Metal seem like a dyeing genre. If only they realised the amount of popularity new Metal bands were getting, notably Tool and Slipknot.

Now we come to this decade, in which it will end in a couple of months. Metal has been completely wiped out from the mainstream. Indie Radio stations though have started playing some of the newer, alternative Metal and which has brought a new generation to Metal. Heavy Metal would never be the same since the 70’s and 80’s but newer and newer bands are coming in and are quite good.

This has been a Brutal History lesson and for homework I ask you to listen to the soundtrack and comment saying your five favourite songs on the list.