Bug in Snow Leopard can delete data

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New reports on Apple’s Support discussion boards are claiming that they are losing their data on their accounts if a user logs into the Mac’s Guest account – either accidentally or on purpose – and tries to log back into their regular account. Speculation is on the cause is on how Snow Leopard treats Guest accounts, which is set to delete all data when you log out from the account.

As well, this problem was being reported within days after Apple released Snow Leopard into the wild, with all of the discussions are still marked as “not answered”, and that the only way to getting all your data back is to restore it from a previous backup – so, if you got a Time Capsule, you better start backing up your data constantly.

If you haven’t been affected by the bug, you should disable your Guest account entirely, or at least disable it and then re-enable it so it’s a native Snow Leopard account, according to an article on MacFixIt.

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