Bladeless fan anyone? Dyson has you covered!

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The Halo style desk fan

Summer is coming. We all know that (at least those who live in Oz). And what better way to cool off then to crank the air-con on set you desk fan to full ball. From the very company that creates world-first vacuum cleaners right through to those groovy hand-driers at public venues, Dyson has now come out with a fan that uses no blades and looks snazzy as well. How is the accomplised? Put quite basically, the Dyson “Air Multiplier” sucks air in from the bottom canister and routes it to the top ring that reminisce of Halo. They Air Multiplier is quite amazing for such a simple function but at a cost a bit more then your average desk fan.  A $300 setback is needed for the 10″ fan whilst an extra $30 is needed for the 12″ model. The Air Multiplier also oscillates and can be vertically tilted to blow air up or down as it spins.