Conficker infects Oxford University

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Thought Conficker was dead and buried? Well, you were wrong, as the communal PCs used by the students who attend the Oxford Brookes University were found to be infected with the malware on Thursday, leaving a difficult job to IT support to clean out the virus.

“There has been a sustained and significant virus attack on the Brookes network. We are presently working to counteract it but this may result in unpredictable disruption to network services,” the University said in a statement to all faculty and staff.

“A version of the Conficker virus was involved. Servers and desktop PCs have been affected, including the pooled computer room PCs which were shutdown yesterday evening (1st October) until this morning.”

The university has advised that all staff members should check their PCs for the virus, and if it has been infected, then you should log out immediately, switch off the computer and contact IT support.

Brookes joins a long list of UK institutions that have been infected with the virus, joining Manchester City Council, the Houses of Parliament and the Ministry of Defence. However, it also serves as another reminder that it is still active and continues to infect more and more computers. However, while a botnet has not been established yet, figures from the Conficker Working Group reveal that there could be as many as six million computers infected.

You can find more information on Conficker in our guide to the virus.

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