Report: Amazon planning to release Kindle in the UK

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Left_angleThe Kindle is set to be released outside the United States, according to “authoritative sources” talking to The Bookseller, that back up a previous rumour that the Kindle will be released in the UK sometime around October, with the announcement being planned sometime next week, ahead of the Frankfurt book fair.

"The key things they needed to tie up have been tied up. The rumours I’ve heard are all saying next week,” the source says. However, don’t expect book publishers to say anything about it as they all signed non-disclosure agreements, meaning they can’t really give us a full answer.

There are currently two models – the Kindle 2, which sells for US$299, or the much larger Kindle DX, which is being sold for $489. However, it is unknown if both models will be sold. As well, because it uses a 3G connection to download purchased books on the device and constantly updates any notes or remembers what page you were last reading, we do not know which mobile carrier will be providing the network capacity.

No word if there will be a release for Australian users, but don’t get your hopes up. Amazon does not have any business in Australia.