Akamai upgrades network – iPhone HD streaming now possible

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Ever thought one day that you would be streaming HD videos on your iPhone? Most of you would have said no, mainly because it would take up too much of your mobile data plan, unless you are connected via Wi-Fi – but make sure you have a sufficient plan. But it seems that day could be coming closer than you think, with Akamai announcing its new Akamai HD Network.

The announcement comes after Akamai finished upgrading their network of 1000 servers, in 750 cities around the world, to support the service. The new network will allow its customers to distribute on-demand and live HD streaming video content via the computer, an embeddable Flash or Silverlight player, or via the iPhone. However, not all homes have the same internet speed, and the network is able to compensate by shifting the video to a lower bitrate without changing the visibility of the video.

But I bet you are wondering who the hell is Akamai? Well, though you may not know their company, you may have used the service indirectly. Their servers are used by companies like Adobe, MySpace, Metacafe, Microsoft, NASA, Bebo, CNET, The Age and Yahoo.

Either way, it means more HD content on the web.

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