Apple tablet to be announced on January 19, shipping in May [Rumour]

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RUMOUR MILL: More rumours are out today about the much-rumoured Apple tablet, after Jeremy Horowitz at iLounge posted a list of ten brand new details about the device from their “reliable source” – including that it will be called the “iPad”.

According to Horowitz, the iPad will have two different variations, one with 3G and one without; and both will have a 10.7-inch touch screen and will run on the iPhone OS. However, he notes that the device is “not meant to compete with netbooks.”

What’s interesting is that he is also saying that Apple is planning to announce it on or before JANUARY 19, 2010 with it being shipped out and sold sometime in May or June, utilising the same promotional hype build-up to sell the device. However, it still needs Steve Job’s seal of approval, with Horowitz saying that the chances of it appearing are at 80 percent.

Image: nDevilTV/Flickr (CC)

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