IE to support HTML5 media tags <audio> and <video>

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Microsoft has a long history of being non-compliant with web standards. For example, it took until Internet Explorer 7 to support many of the CSS attributes that were commonly supported by rivals Firefox and Safari. However, as speculation that Microsoft may not support new tags from the new HTML5 standard, looks like we were wrong. In a shock to many, Program Manager for IE, Adrian Bateman, said that the next version of Internet Explorer will be supporting the two media tags – <audio> and <video>.

These two tags are known as future replacements for video and audio playback on the web, and will allow developers to actually create the player with simple HTML, CSS and Javascript; unlike today, where it is either built with Adobe Flash, Silverlight or using embeddable players from QuickTime, Windows Media Player or Real Player – all which require a person to install plugins or the players themselves to play the video.

Out of all the browsers, the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari have support for the new HTML 5 tags, but all have different ways on playing the format as the working group have made no specification on what codec should the browser use. The team over at Redmond have not made any comment on how will they support the codec.

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