Pictures leaked of new Microsoft ‘Pink’ phones

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Leaked images of two new phones under Microsoft’s code-named “Pink” project, Turtle and Pure, have been leaked by Gizmodo, following on their recent leak of Microsoft’s “Courier” tablet that was under tight secrecy (until yesterday).

The post revealed that the Turtle (what you see above) looks like a fatter and child’s like version of the Palm Pre, while the Pure (image below) has similar design properties to the Sidekick. Both will have QWERTY keyboards that slide down, and has a lot of rounded edges and circular keys.


It should also be noted that Sharp will also be manufacturing the new phones, and will share the branding with Microsoft. Sharp also produced the Sidekick, which is owned by Danger – which Microsoft acquired it two years ago. That could explain why the Pure looks so much like the Sidekick. It also looks like Microsoft is trying to get into the same market as the Sidekick.

Other than the leaked photos, there has been no definitive report that has listed what the Pink could have inside, or what it is in its software. Rumours have pointed out that it will have access to Zune services, and have its own apps store, but then again, it could just be a Windows Mobile phone with a changed interface.

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