Google reveals redacted information behind Voice app rejection

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Google has now provided an explanation on why Apple rejected the application after numerous applications to read it under the Freedom of Information Act in response to Apple’s claims on why its Google Voice application was rejected, and “in the interest of transparency”.

Previously, when Google, Apple and AT&T responded to an earlier FCC enquiry on why Apple rejected the Google Voice application on August 21, Google’s own letter had redacted its answer to a question asking what did Apple say when it rejected the application. After not opposing to Freedom of Information requests, the FCC has now posted the full version on its website.

“Apple representatives informed Google that the Google Voice application was rejected because Apple believed the application duplicated the core dialer functionality of the iPhone. The Apple representatives indicated that the company did not want applications that could potentially replace such functionality,” Google wrote it is response on why Google Voice rejected.

After Google submitted the Google Voice application on June 2, 2009, it had a “series of in-person meetings, phone calls and emails between July 5 and July 28, 2009” with Apple, including a meeting with its Senior Vice President of Engineering & Research, Alan Eustace, and Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing for Apple, Phil Schiller. It was on a July 7 meeting that Schiller, via the phone to Eustace, that Apple rejected the application for the aforementioned reasons.

It was Schiller also who rejected the Google Latitude application in another meeting on April 10 of this year on the grounds that it “could potentially replace such functionality and potentially create user confusion” as it might “offer new features not present on the preloaded maps application,” with Google Maps being present in the applications.

In a message to the press, however, Apple has responded that it is still looking into the application and is discussing it with Google. “We do not agree with all the statements made by Google in their FCC letter. Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application and we continue to discuss it with Google.”

Google has declined to comment further, but said in a blog post that “We continue to work with Apple and others to bring users the best mobile Google experience possible.”

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