Telstra “propaganda” website shuts down

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Telstra has shut down its nowwearetalking corporate blog as its new chief executive is looking to repair its relationship with regulators, customers and the Federal Government; ending one of the last memories of the Sol Trujillo era.

The website, established in December 2005 by public affairs chief Bhil Burgess, was notable for attacking regulators and rivals and was at the heart of some of the more unsavoury incidents during Trujillo’s era as the chief executive of the largest telecommunications company in Australia.

Last year, one of its PR staffers wrote a critical piece about Optus and the Singaporean Government, the owner of its Optus’ parent company SingTel; calling the Singaporean Government “one of the most hideous totalitarian regimes in Asia.”

The blog was also notable for calling the government selfish because “they would rather see Australia’s economic development halted rather than allow Telstra invest in crucial national infrastructure”, as its twelve-page bid was rejected as failed to meet several criteria and reiterated that the money should be invested on their network and not a new one.

Telstra is said to be building a new corporate communications website.