Use pedal power to charge your iPod

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Dahon, maker of folding bikes, has now shown off another gizmo at the Eurobike show. Called the BioLogic FreeCharge, the silicone-encased box which hooks up with your bike’s generator hub and siphons the power to the box and then charges your gadgets via a USB port, which allows you to charge your iPhone, iPod and your mobile (if it has a USB connector that is used for power). Inside the casing, there is a battery and circuitry to both store electricity and to smooth the bumps and spikes in the output while riding.

If you are known to get lost, but don’t want to use the Maps feature because it sucks too much of your battery, just use this device while you ride. Now, you can use the Maps app without killing the battery.

It goes on sale for about $99 and will be released next March.