Need more Facebook friends? uSocial lets you buy them

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image An online marketing company based in Queensland is now allowing you to buy friends and fans on Facebook, the most popular social network, and is offering a similar service to buy “followers” to a specific profile on the popular microblogging tool Twitter.

The company, uSocial, is targeting these specific sites because of the huge advertising potential, claiming that Facebook is an “extremely effective marketing tool,” according to its CEO, Leon Hill, in a statement quoted by Reuters.

“The simple fact is that with a large following on Facebook, you have an instant and targeted group of people you can contact and promote whatever it is you want to promote.”

uSocial allows businesses to pay for fans on their product’s Facebook pages. Prices start at $177.30 for 1,000 fans, and can go all the way up to 10,000 fans for $1167.30. Facebook profiles can expect to pay similar prices for friends, which is similar to fans.

However, its services have been marred with controversy, with its Twitter “marketing service”, where users pay prices ranging from $87 to $3,479 for followers, continuously getting blocked by Twitter as it was accused for spamming users.

Also, the LA Times reported that Digg, a website that allows users vote on the top news stories for the day, tried to block uSocial stories as it was trying to pay for votes. It has argued that what it is doing is legal, despite it clearly violates Digg’s terms of service.

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