Apple confirms Snow Leopard malware protection feature

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Apple has now confirmed the rumours of the existence of some malware protection software in the new operating system. According to The Loop, it scans and checks all files downloaded via Safari, iChat and Mail. As seen in the above image, it will indicate which file contains what type of malware and will note the time and date when you downloaded the file, which application downloaded it, and where from.

Apple has also said that the feature isn’t that new as it notes that it made its debut in Tiger under File Quarantine; but the one in Snow Leopard includes checking for known malware file signatures, and will be updated via its Software Update tool.

Apple has not confirmed where will it be getting these type of definitions for File Quarantine, but ZDNet’s Ryan Naraine has said that it is not using the open-source ClamAV engine; meaning that Apple has licensed the technology from a commercial company (i.e. Symantec).