AT&T brings visual voicemail to Bold users, still waiting in Oz

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AT&T has now announced that visual voicemail will be coming to the Blackberry Bold in a wireless update to its software, version This will now allow users to find, listen and delete voicemails without dialling a special number and listen to all that crap at the beginning. The iPhone, another phone on their network, has this feature as well.

Users will be able to store 40 messages for up to 14 days, save the numbers in your contacts, reply to messages via a call, SMS, email or MMS, share the messages via email or MMS and save the audio to the memory of the phone or to a memory card.

Plus, this comes free with no extra charges.

Australia, however, still in waiting for this feature, as the carriers are reluctant to launch a service here. Vodafone has launched their visual voicemail service, but that is limited to the iPhone. Come on Optus (and the other carriers that have the smartphone)!!!

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