Xbox 360 reported to have 54 percent fail rate

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A survey conducted by Game Informer has found that the Xbox 360, the popular next-gen Microsoft console, has a failure rate of 54.2 percent, higher than what the Wii and the Playstation 3 – which reported a 6.8 and 10.6 percent respectively; according to The Consumerist.

The numbers, according to Phil Villarreal, are inflated because the survey also found, out of nearly 5000 respondents, that the 40.3 percent of Xbox 360 owners play on it between three to five hours a day, while the PS3 only had 37 percent of its owners playing at the same time length. The Wii, however, had the plurality of its owners (41.4 percent) play it for less than an hour a day.

In customer service, Microsoft received the prize for being the most unhelpful, with it taking nearly a month to repair or replace the broken console, while both Nintendo and Sony took a week or so to repair. It also got a low score in finding the quality of service being “very helpful”, as 37.7 percent of the respondents saying that their service was very helpful. Nintendo recorded a 56.1 percent, while Sony recorded a 51.1.

Image from: spoonmonkey/Flickr (CC)

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