60 people arrested over illegal TV broadcasts via internet

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A total of sixty people have been arrested after hacking and gaining access to broadcasts of pay-per-view channels in Spain, according to the El Pais newspaper (Spanish). This has been said to be the first time a person has been arrested for streaming the content online.

The people are also facing charges of broadcasting or rebroadcasting content to subscribers who did not any authorisation to watch the channels, with the main content was of the football (soccer) matches being broadcast behind the authorisation wall.

The raid also uncovered underground cable networks in the Spanish communities of Tenerife, Malaga, Cadiz, Corodba and Granada; with the network in Tenerife having over 3 000 subscribers, all paying a hefty fee to get the cable signals.

Among those arrested were the presidents of neighbourhood communities, hotel owners and trade directors, with the value of the fraud estimated to be around several million euros. Also found in the possession of those arrested were 851 decoders, 1 321 smartcards and documents on how to use the equipment.