Rumour: Apple to attend CES 2010?

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With Apple snubbing MacWorld from this year, rumours are speculating that Apple would become an additional big name company to attend the Consumer Electronics Show, but a report by The Wall Street Journal has provided more fuel to the fire.

The WSJ is reporting that Gary Shaprio, the head of the Consumer Electronics Association, has asked Apple to conduct the first keynote of the show next year, which has always been done by rival Microsoft, with Steve Ballmer (formerly Bill Gates) headlining the show.

But as Apple leaves MacWorld, CES needs someway to increase its attendance at the conference as this year’s one fell 20 percent as many companies feared the recession and slashed their marketing and travel budgets, with some saying that consumer spending may dwindle in consumer tech – as CES usually has been the unofficial forecast.

But as well, this leaves the future of MacWorld in doubt. Previously, MacWorld was two events – one held in the west coast and one in the east coast of the US, but the east coast version was cancelled in 2005 – three years after Apple decided not to attend after its move to Boston from New York. As well, MacWorld will no longer be competing with CES, as the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco has moved to February.

Microsoft and Intel will still conduct their keynotes, headlined by their CEOs.

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