America’s AT&T reportedly blocking 4chan images

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American telecommunications operator AT&T, a similar entity to Telstra here in Australia, is being reported to have blocked access to images to, a notorious website known for its affiliation (via it’s /b/ board) to the anti-Scientology group Anonymous.

“It’s come to our attention that AT&T is filtering/blocking & /r9k/),” according to founder Moot on their blog, “There is no remedy at this time.”

Because of their notoriety for being an anything-goes website and the lack of moderation, and is known for showing graphical images from their users, it is not long before the filter (if it goes up) in Australia to block the website. Unfortunately, it is causing an uproar as not only this has been done without government approval, it has been done with no reasoning – unless AT&T can provide something to talk about.

Well, say bye bye to protests against Scientology (for now).