AVG claims iTunes infected with Trojan horse

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The most popular anti-virus program AVG has been causing confusion throughout the day by listing all of the iTunes files, including necessary DLL files, as being infected with a trojan horse known as “Trojan horse Small.BOG”.

This is a false detection from AVG, and there is no trojan, or risk of trojans, in iTunes. If you have quarantined the files, make sure your restore the files immediately or go to a previous system restore. If you have not done so, make sure you follow these instructions:

  1. Open AVG.
  2. Go to Resident Shield, then to Manage Exceptions, then Add Path
  3. Add C:\Program Files\iTunes and C:\Program Files\iPod to the exceptions list
  4. If you have done the following steps after the error appeared in iTunes, then you should just click retry.

At the time of writing, AVG has pushed out an update that is said to fix the problem, but we do recommend that you follow the above steps and add them as exemptions just in case another problem with its virus database lists iTunes having a trojan.

AVG has since apologised for their, as we call it, screw up:

Unfortunately, the current virus database version may detect the mentioned virus on some legitimate applications. We can confirm that it is a false alarm. We would like to inform you that the false positive will be removed in the next Definitions update. Please update your AVG and if a new Definitions update was downloaded, check whether the file is still detected.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.