Vic Police’s new #Ardnet operation proves successful in first day

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Victoria Police is now on Day Two on its new three-day operation, Operation Ardent; but it is already been proven successful after it has been reported that 216 motorists have been nabbed, and fourteen of them charged of going over the limit.

Another 85 were nabbed for speeding, and out of them, 16 were nabbed for exceeding the limit by over 25km/h; while others include using their mobile phones (a big no-no!), not wearing a seatbelt or their cars for being unroadworthy.

Operation Ardent is a new operation where police officers will report on Twitter who it sees on its roads breaking the road laws, including the aforementioned speeding and drink driving, hoping to reduce its road toll. It is also the first time that an Australian police force has used Twitter to do such a thing.

You can follow Operation Ardent at its Twitter profile, @VictoriaPolice.

Hopefully, we wish Ardent would go beyond the three-day operation – because it is a very, very useful way to promote that the police is watching the roads very carefully. Don’t forget – Drive Safely!

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