Apple sued because of links to Italian mafia

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A new lawsuit has been filed that has alleged Apple conspired with the Italian Mafia to secretly track a man who thinks that his iPod was used to transmit threatening messages, and insert the word “herpes” into the song “Still Trippin’", sung by Mike Jones.

Gregory McKenna, a Beverly Hills, California man, has also said that his bedroom, living room, upstairs bathroom and Toyota Camry were also bugged, but his lawsuit claims that Apple affixed receivers in his iPod shuffle that he bought on eBay and an iPod mini he bought at the Apple Store that allowed the Mafia to send threats to him.

However, the man has not only sued Apple., but has also sued the St. Louis County Police and two officers, eight “unknown agents” from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a private investigator he hired and an automotive dealer – claiming that all prevented his case to go any further, and have also accused them of depriving the Plantiff “of the right to life, liberty, privacy, property, safety, freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, equal protection of the laws, and other rights freely granted to him as a US citizen."

The whole matter started as the man worked at a modelling agency that he claims was run by the Mafia, and when he quit and moved back to St. Louis in 2000, he was threatened by the Mafia to return to work for them, as a model and make extortion threats.

He called the police, and the FBI, but both would not listen. He also called the Department of Justice – and that did not help either. But while it is not funny to laugh at someone being stalked, do you really think that the Mafia would get Apple to help them in criminal activity?

He claims that the Private Investigator told him that there were bugs in the car and other locations around the house, but once the Police contacted the same Private Investigator, he said that he found nothing of the sort.

He is demanding $14.3 million in total damages from all the defendants listed, which includes $550,000 in lost wages per year because of the “conspiracy”, among other damages that were listed. So, we are left wondering: is he paranoid or is Apple really part of the Mafia?