Facebook found to breach Canadian privacy laws

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Social networking website Facebook has been found to have breached Canadian privacy laws because the duration on how long the company holds a user personal information, as a new report on Canada’s privacy commission’s investigation concluded.

It found that it gave “confusing or incomplete” information to subscribers, but Facebook says it is aiming to safeguard the privacy of users without compromising the site’s usability, according to the BBC.

Currently, more than 250 million from around the world use the site, with more than 12 million Canadians use the social network.

But the findings of its investigation could allow the Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, to take this case to a federal court to have it enforced, if Facebook fails to comply with its recommendations – including to make its policies more transparent to users, and to fix its failing restrictive access measures to users’ personal details to application developers.

However, there is no word that Stoddart would take any action in the federal court.

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