3 mobile changes iPhone pricing

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Just the day before the iPhone is set to launch on 3’s mobile network, thanks to its merger with Vodafone’s Australian operations, it has announced a change in its plans that will see the iPhone 3G 8GB model be sold with no additional payments.

The new plans will see the $39 cap having all the iPhone models with additional payments, with the 8GB version be sold with no additional payments from the $49 cap or higher. The 16GB iPhone 3GS model will be sold with no additional costs from the $79 cap, while the 32GB will still have some additional costs related.

“In the true spirit of the 3 brand, we’ve delivered real innovation at a truly affordable price. We’re pleased to announce an offer at launch, which we hope will be irresistible to customers,” John Casey, Director of Marketing at VHA, said in a press release.

“Good things come to those who wait, and our customers have waited long enough. We trust they’ll like our pricing and we’re even more confident that they’ll enjoy the entire iPhone experience with 3.”

It should be noted that customers who had pre registered their want for the iPhone on the 3 network will be able to get it from today.