Seesmic expands with Twitter web app

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It seems that Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic is changing again – from being a video commenting system to being an applications developer, with news that he has brought out not only an update its Seesmic Desktop AIR application, but will also add a web application – and soon, an iPhone version. And we got to try and test it out the new web app for our selves.

The new web application is only for Twitter, but the design is similar to the AIR application – including all the columns and the search box at the top. While you do have the option to view it as columns, you can also view it in a Gmail-esque style.


Other neat features include hovering over a display picture to view their profile, message or even unfollow (and follow) them, and even reporting the message as spam. It also has a threaded comment-esque feature for replies and messages, and also has a nice way of adding links and retweeting.

The only problem is that it can only support one Twitter account, but everything from your Twitter profile is transplanted into this, including your saved searches. It’s like Twitter, without being Twitter – and that’s a good thing, as its simple to use, and would make it easier for a person to use Twitter, without knowing how to reply, or report spam or even view profiles.

But the marketplace is starting to get crowded, how will Seesmic try and get people to use this and not to update? Well, we’ll find out soon.