South Korea says attackers came from sixteen countries

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South Korea have said that the attacks that caused denial of service attacks on several websites based in the United States and South Korea were from 86 IP addresses from 16 different countries, including from Japan and Guatemala, according to the AP.

The spy agency in South Korea, the National Intelligence Service (NIS), spoke briefly on the current investigation to lawmakers in the country, amid suspicions North Korea were behind the attacks. Also briefly talked was the technical and circumstantial reasons why its northern, communist neighbour were behind the attack.

NIS, however, has also added that it was too early to conclude that North Korea was behind the attacks. United States investigators, however, say while they think that North Korea was a possible suspect, it would be too difficult to find the identities of the attackers.

The attacks, happening on July 4, were able to take down several key agencies in both the United States and South Korea, and other websites based in South Korea – including a bank and an internet portal. While no sensitive information was stolen, it was believed to create a nuisance and not to steal data.