Censordyne – the net gets a pasting

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censordynemain-420x0Censordyne, A parody of the Australian Federal Government’s censorship scheme. If you didn’t already know, The Communications Minister, Steven Conroy of the Australian Government wants to implement a scheme to censor Australian Internet to “keep our children safe” from internet nasties.

The online activist group, GetUp, launched a new campaign, Censordyne – a parody of the Sensodyne brand of toothpaste. Censordyne promises to offer “unproven, ineffective relief from internet nasties”, protection “against fast internet” and a “fresh multimillion-dollar flavour”.

The campaign, has a parody website, Censordyne where you can view all the great things about the Government Censoring Scheme.

Why don’t you join in the fun and donate to Censordyne today to get the television ad on TV! Video after the jump.

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