The USB device that make you scream (when it cuts your foot off)

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Despite it’s name, the i.Saw is not a product from Apple (that could be why there is a dot in the name), but is actually a potential hazard to drop on your foot. You see, this product is a USB-powered chainsaw. Yes, you read that correctly – a USB powered chainsaw. The good thing, since it’s on a USB, it works on PCs and Macs – something that the Zune cannot do.

For those who are know power tools, then this one has rubber grip handles, a safety activation button, a protective guard, and can cut through “different types of wood as you would with a full-sized electric chainsaw.” The good thing as well is that its pretty light at 3.7kg, and is about 385mm x 147mm x 130mm in size. But if you ever drop this on your foot, move away as far as you can, or make sure it is off!

A word of warning – if you do ever drop this, pray to God that it is off when you drop. Also, if you going to remake or do a roleplay of a horror film, or just crave this gadget, then go get it as it is only US$59.95 plus shipping – but it also ships worldwide, you just need to convince Customs to let this through.

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