Apple store employee shot in Virginia Apple Store robbery

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Local police have confirmed that a 26-year-old female Apple Store employee has been shot in an armed robbery that occurred at the Apple Store Clarendon in Arlington, Virginia, in the back service entrance. The suspect has been said to rang a doorbell at the service entrance and shot the employee as she opened the door.

The employee suffered a wound to her right shoulder, and was sent to hospital where she is now in a stable condition, but her injuries have not been considered as life-threatening.

The Washington Post has said that only two employees were at the store, with the other employee calling the police after hearing the gunshot. The robbery happened 15 minutes after the store opened, at 10:15 am, with thirty or so customers inside the store and at least a dozen employees inside, according to a customer talking to the newspaper.

According to WTTG5, a Fox affiliate, the suspect has been said to be a “skinny black male in beige clothing. They say he may have had a fake beard.” He is also said to be between the ages of 35 and 45, wearing a dark baseball cap, and fled on foot.

Any person with information about the shooting or the suspect is asked to call the police.

Security footage may be released to aide the investigation in the shooting.