Twitter brings update to follower, following pages

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It looks like Twitter has given an update to the Following and Follower pages – which shows who you are following and who are following your tweets – after years of having the old static page of showing the “follow” button or just show a list of users.

Now, with this update, you can now see the list in two ways, one in more detailed, and another with just the name. As well, you now can perform actions like direct message or block them right at the page, and not have to go to the individual’s page. The follow button also exists for the follower’s page.

The detailed update allows you to see who their name is, along with their location; plus their latest tweet. This is a huge improvement, but it is also the few pages that are not AJAX-ified by Twitter, maybe because of the numerous amounts of data it has to post and get to retrieve from the database.

Overall, it’s a big improvement from Twitter, and its a better looking way to scroll down to see who is following, since there is less gaps in the padding – and this if from a developer’s view.