Apple: Steve Jobs “is back to work”

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Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and the chief executive, has returned to work on Monday after a five-month leave of absence for his medical problems, which included a liver transplant, in January of this year; according to the New York Times and Bloomberg.

“Steve is back to work,” says Apple’s spokesman Steve Dowling, “We are very glad to have him back.”

Jobs will be at work for a few days a week, and will be working at home for the rest of the time when he is not in the office. However, his return is set to reassure investors after claims that he was too sick to continue as the current CEO.

Jobs was at the office today, however, he still declines to comment on his liver transplant, or more information about the health of Steve Jobs.

Its share price fell 47 cents in the NASDAQ stock exchange at 4 pm (New York time), but its stock price have jumped up 65 percent this year, mainly attributed to Tim Cook, the Chief Operating Officer and the interim Chief Executive during Jobs’ absence.

Image from: Marcopako/Flickr (Creative Commons)