Facebook, Google launch Persian language support

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With Twitter being one of the forefronts of informative sources that allowed us to keep up what is happening after the election; both Google and Facebook have announced that they have opened up support for the Persian language, also known as Farsi.

Google has rushed through an “ALPHA” version of its Farsi translation service in Google Translate, allowing users to translate the messages coming through from Twitter, along with content from blogs, e-mails, or a news story. It does note, since it is an alpha version, it is not perfect and can perform slowly at times.

“We’ve optimized this service for translation between Persian and English,” Franz Och from Google wrote in a blog post. “But we’re working hard to improve Persian translation for the additional 40 languages available via Google Translate.”

Facebook, however, has launched a localised version of the social network that also supports right-to-left text support. However, like the Google support, it is a buggy version because they rushed it out and translations have not been completed.

However, Eric Kwan, a Facebook engineer, has thanked the many volunteers who helped with translating the site, writing in a blog post, “We could not have made this happen so quickly without the more than 400 Persian speakers who submitted thousands of individual translations of the site.”

“Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.”