Opera claims that on June 16 it “will reinvent the web”

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Though many have claimed that they will reinvent the web, or change it, or do something to excite us, Opera has decided to push this page through its website that it will reinvent the web on June 16 at 9am Norwegian Time, or 5PM Melbourne Time, and we know it is not Opera 10 because it just released its beta last week.

But what will it be?

Well, we don’t know – we are not TechCrunch. Even Opera users have no idea what is going on, but it seems that two suggestions on what could be happening: a version of Opera that can run off a USB (which is nothing new), and an Opera OS (or a possible Cloud OS) – and that could be something to look at.

But you can rest assured, that it’s not the entire internet on a USB stick. Now that would be silly – just like it complaining over how unfair Windows is to the internet browser market.