WWDC09: Mac OS X Snow Leopard & Safari 4

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Apple has announced the release date for Safari 4 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard, including announcing new features and updates to the OS core – after saying that they did a “rewrite” of the operating system. Safari 4 is out today, for Leopard, Tiger and Windows.

Snow Leopard includes out-of-the-box Exchange support, an updated UI and logo for Quicktime X (10), support for 64-bit programs (and some of its programs are 64-bit), Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) to take advantage of multicore technology, and support for OpenCL. Exchange support is limited to Exchange Sever 2007 and above, so no backwards support. It has been rewritten to have a 90 percent faster performance.

Safari 4, which has exited its beta stage, includes a faster Javascript engine and an Acid 3 test score of 100, out of a possible 100.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard will cost US$29 to upgrade from Leopard, with a US$49 pricetag for a family pack. For others, it will set you back US$169 – with iWork 09 and iLife 09, and for the family pack, it will cost US$299.99

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