Bing outperforms Yahoo in US, Australia

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It looks like Microsoft’s renamed Windows Live Search, Bing, is not a joke after all, as StatCounter has recorded that on June 4, the website managed to beat Yahoo, by taking some of the market share from Google – which is a big deal, as Google typically ranges above the 80 percent mark.

On that day, Bing managed to take a 16.28% share, while Yahoo had a 10.22% share. Google remains the top, however, with a 71.47% share. However, these reflect the users in the competitive US market; as Bing still manages to trail behind Google and Yahoo worldwide. But, if we look on the data from the last seven days, it seems that people are going back to Google – which might be a bad thing for Bing, as not a lot of users are sticking with the new search engine.


Australia, however, saw Bing reached second position, managing to outperform Yahoo by a fraction. Google, however, still wins over 90% of the market, but with the partnership with ninemsn, co-owned by Microsoft and PBL Media, might have helped it gain more market share. It’s outperformance started on June 2, and is hovering at a 3 percent share.

However, we will see if Bing still continues to remain second position in the coming weeks.