E3 2009: Microsoft’s latest thing for the Xbox 360 – Project Natal

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E3 2009: Microsoft has today announced a new way to play games at its E3 press conference in Los Angeles. Called Project Natal, the new intuitive way to control games and media on the Xbox 360 supplements the new dashboard design – including the little avatars.

Using a microphone and camera accessory, it allows you to use your entire body as the controller. While it may sound like it could be a clone of the PS2 EyeToy, it is not. This is because your body doesn’t have to meet up with a coordinate that has been set by the game, but you can control it anywhere where the camera can see you.

It also integrates with the Xbox LIVE service, allowing you to greet and speak to friends online – and is smart to remember voices and faces.

A video of a demo has been posted below, and is available on techgeek.com.au’s YouTube channel.