EU wants to bring more browsers in Windows

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The European Union may force Microsoft to put more browsers into the operating system after being “frustrated with past efforts”, as put by the Wall Street Journal, with their previous responses over previous sanctions made by the European Commission.

The new action could be a sharp blow to Microsoft by competition commissioner Neelie Kroes, after a recent record fine of US$1.48 billion against Intel after being found to have made it harder for rival AMD to get into the European market. While the commission has made no comment over the sanction, it would be “based on the fundamental principle of unbiased choice.”

Microsoft’s previous run-in with the European Commission was with its Windows Media Player software, a solution that failed – especially after Microsoft created two version; one with the player and one without, at the same price. However, the one without is not promoted by the company, or by any other store as it remains too unpopular.

However, the EU might have gone and decided to shoot itself in the leg – Microsoft is losing market share as more popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera – all which are better in rendering websites than Internet Explorer, as Microsoft still refuses to follow all web standards – and Internet Explorer is required to download them.

As well, a fundamental flaw in its plan is that there are many browsers in the market place. Like the aforementioned four, there is AOL Explorer, SeaMonkey, Flock, Iceweasel, Netscape, Konqueror, Avant, and many more. I think, if we were going to do such a thing – do we have to bring in also those browsers that are dead? I mean, it would not be ‘fair’ for us if we don’t have an option to relive the past – I would love to certainly be able to download Mosaic on a Windows 7 computer. Screw Firefox, that browser is so fast that rendering Javascript is superfast – I mean, it’s a complete zero (but that could be because it can’t do such a thing).

The person who started this – Opera – has to be pretty stupid in thinking that we really needed to have an easier way of getting another browser. Well, guess what – no one loves clutter ware (i.e. those shortcuts when you get a new laptop on the desktop). If you seriously thinking that this is a better solution than getting us to download your stupid software, then I think you should FAIL!!!

It should be noted that there is not a clear method on who is going to be listed in its magical list, but its competitors are saying that many who download it quit midway through the download. But still, it’s a stupid idea brought on by some stupid company complaining over the fact that their browser isn’t popular. And I’m surprised that they haven’t sued Apple – they have Safari preloaded onto the OS, as well as iLife.

Things just get more and more complicated.