This is why Twitter is drifting me away

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OPINION: Twitter used to be a place where geeks can tweet to other technology geeks, and then we would get some celebrities – but they would only use it because they tend to know the geekiness of the site. But now, Twitter has gone from being that to being mainstream – and I don’t blame the media… I blame the pre-teen girls addicted to Disney.

OK, while I may be a teenager, it is still positively horrendous that the top topics are not breaking news, or tech related subjects; but they are this #jonaswebcast piece of crap. I mean, come on, do we really need this to keep on going – it is getting pretty stupid.

And it’s not the only topic that these girls that are sending this down to a MySpace-kind of attitude – the usernames makes we want to barf and the graphics look too “MySpace-y” to be on Twitter. My background is something that I made, no glitter and no crowns to say that “I’m a Disney addict” – unlike the top image.

I am so using this to vent my anger, but Twitter is now more pop-centric, and because of the mainstream media, we are discussing more and more about Twitter everyday – thanks a lot TechCrunch, who has a “Twitter Correspondent”, but they don’t use the term. Maybe I should get a Twitter Correspondent for, but what would be the topics – the #3breakupwords that Ms. Veronica Belmont said, or maybe the #liesgirlstell tweet from Anthony Agius.

I will not be surprised if many start to evacuate Twitter – it is has become too mainstream that people are just not interested anymore.

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