Recap: AOL spun off, Zune HD and Voda/3 merger to go ahead

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Welcome to the Weekly Recap, where we recap this week’s stories in one, digestible post. This week, we finally get something from Microsoft about the Zune, Vodafone and 3 gets the go ahead, AOL to be spun off by its parent, and rumours of a new iPhone.

Rumours of a new iPhone 32GB have emerged after an AT&T mobile trade-in site revealed that there was going to be such a product. Meanwhile, MacTalk got wind of Vodafone’s announcement that the iPhone 16GB is going into “end of life” mode. Also, big news for Vodafone users – you can now get visual voicemail; and an ad leak reveals that the iPhone is soon to get TV shows and movies in the Wi-Fi store.

The US Army is set to upgrade all of its computers to Windows Vista and Office 2007 – after two years of testing it for backwards compatibility, and saying “Screw You” to Windows 7; and China is set to be more strict on non-environmentally cars as it will limit what roads they can go on.

Microsoft announced that it will be bringing out the Zune HD and will be integrated with the Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace – and will have a 3.2-inch OLED touchscreen, HD radio and HD video support, along with an internet browser. Get ready to be challenged, iPod touch.

The ACCC gave their approval on Friday that the Vodafone and Hutchison (owners of 3) can merge to create a 50/50 joint venture after finding that competition was not likely to lessen. Both companies are set to finalise the merger within the next few weeks.

Also on Friday was the big news (well, not so big since it was expected to happen) that AOL will be spun off into its own company, after Time Warner announced that it will be buying Google’s 5 percent stake in the company. It should be noted that AOL was the one who bought Time Warner before the dot-com bubble burst.

And finally, some gadget craving as Sony Ericsson announced its three new phones for Q4 of this year, including the Satio (the new name for the Idou), the Yari and the Aino.