Yahoo 360 to close as it leaves social networking

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Yahoo has announced that it will be killing off the Yahoo 360! service on July 12, after many years of prolonging its survival. This move follows a similar move that it did in August of last year when it shut down another site, Mash, because of a lukewarm response.

Over the four years, it has lost popularity over Twitter, Facebook and MySpace; and blogging platforms like Windows Live Spaces, Blogger and WordPress. However, as the site will shut down, a similar service offered by Yahoo Vietnam called Yahoo 360plus will continue – because it is massively popular in the country.

However, it is not leaving the blogging service realm just yet. Yahoo has also revamped its user’s profiles to make it look similar to Mash – but will allow you to change your status and put in blog postings within your connections (a.k.a friends). However, I predict this is going to fail.

You can find information on how to save the stuff you put on your Yahoo 360 service on their special page on helping users to prepare for the shutdown.