Wikipedia admins unanimously vote to ban Scientology

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Starting today, user accounts made by the Church of Scientology, and IP addresses owned by the so-called church have been banned by Wikipedia – which strives to be a neutral place for information – after finding the Church of breaching several of its principles.

While most of the votes passed unanimously, several of the members that were arbitrating the case abstained from voting on several decisions – and one, the use of multiple editors, did not pass unanimously, but won by a three vote majority (with one abstained from voting).

The actual ban, which will see their IP address banned, passed by 10 to 0, with one abstaining.

It has also called for an audit on several related articles to the “church” by members that do not have a conflict of interest to review them for “adherence to Wikipedia policies and address any perceived or discovered deficiencies.” The group has also urged that this is not a finding, but is a call to find any discrepancies.